…waiting in line, hoping for a few scraps of food?



Or do you want to be prepared for the crisis and thrive?


After realizing these facts I started to prepare, half-heartedly…

At first I “prepared” by setting aside some cans of food and bottles of water. Life took over and I did not increase my food or water storage significantly over the next several months.

It wasn’t until I personally witnessed a  supermarket stripped of all food staples and water before a winter storm hit us that I realized the need to have more than a little bit of food and water set aside.

Then I started to take my family’s preparedness seriously…

I first started researching freeze dried “survival” food and was overwhelmed by the prices for what I felt was low quality food. I wasn’t willing to spend thousands of dollars to line the pockets of the companies providing nutritionally deficient food and at best might help me survive. I was also concerned about possible chemical additives added to the food that could harm the health of my family. I don’t eat unhealthy, chemical laden food in my everyday life so why would I want to consume in high stress situation like a food crisis?

I decided that I was going to package my own food for long term storage and save money while also ensuring the food that I was storing would be high-quality. I researched different food storage techniques and after testing several methods  I found the best system for storing food- food that can last 10 years or more if properly packaged, ready to be utilized in an emergency.

I now have a full years worth of food for my family. I no longer worry about “what ifs” because I am prepared for whatever may happen.

Honestly when I first started prepping my close friends and family almost snickered when I told them that I was storing away food for a potential crisis. However, with all that has happened in the last couple of years they’re no longer laughing.

Now they’re coming to me for tips on how to prepare!

It Is NOT Your Fault That You’re Not Prepared

If you’re like I was when I first started prepping you’re probably overwhelmed by just starting the process. From covering the different methods of food storage to creating a survival cache, there’s tons of information to go over. So if you are not fully prepped yet, I understand completely. I have been there. This is why I have decided to write Collapse Survival Secrets so you will can be prepared for the coming collapse without having to face the roadblocks that your average prepper has to overcome. Collapse Survival Secrets will show you step-by-step so you can almost instantly start prepping for the coming crisis (trust me, you want to start getting ready much sooner than later).

Collapse Survival Secrets is not just a food storage manual. Surviving during a crisis will take a multifaceted approach. Click Here!

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