Enérgico mensaje de Supriti al Consejo de los 13 en inglés: se acaba su tiempo!!!


Council of The Cosmos and All Exalted Creations in General:

On Sunday May 24, 2020 the veil between the illusion and the Truth became very, very thin...

It is now time to address the fallen "Council of 13th; better know as the "Druid Council" which is a Physical Interface between the fallen Gods and humanity.

These People/Individuals/Energies are The Rulers of this fallen world and the ones in charge by the Fallen Predatory Gods to CONTROL us!

Ionically, they are NOT even Original Human Seeds, Naturals of Earth and still had the audacity to ruled, abused and governed us, like if we were their property.

The Original Human Seed WAS,IS and Forever will be Holy Spirit Supreme Consciousness.
Many Alien Races came and ALTER our Original Model, confusing other creations about our authentic origins.
Many races have come here pretending to be creators of a BEING that was already here, peacefully developing into its own nature, way before the arrival of ANY and ALL other energies energetically more advance, that came here seeking a home of their own....

The Truth is here and the Unfoldment of our Ancient SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL reality is INEVITABLE, because it is our right to know it.

As we continue to move into TOTAL Sentient mode, it is necessary we keep moving from the density of the Matrix into the New Reality; therefore ALL Energies must REVERT before boarding.

The Energetic showers of Sunday afternoon will be lifting up different layers/membranes of "deep fallen conditioning" that has kept DORMANT Humanity for many years...

As we move on quickly in this Integration process it is necessary to finish addressing a few more set of energies, that are still present in our field, before we lose them COMPLETELY due Kaly's cleansing fire.

As usual, the green light to Execute Orders came several weeks ago, but I personally wanted to wait until the appropriate Time/Portal time quadrant to proceed with the Following specifications for your Integration, and AVOIID severe energetic interference in your field.

Please consider that we have ONLY Deployed/Convert 30% of your ATMOSPHERE present/physical Alchemy; meaning that if you are feeling uncomfortable now with 30% Sentient Influx, it will become each day more difficult for you all to be in a Place/Ambient that is NOT Compatible with any obsolete old nature....

When I first heard of your existence many years ago, I could not digest the fact that Planet Earth, a Holy Spirit Territory was being managed by YOU! a predatory descendant bloodline!

It would be very easy for us to just have you "come forward" and show us ANY type of Legal Supreme Consciousness Documentation that certify you as Managers of this planet.
As a matter of fact the last time we check THERE was NO physical "supervisors left in charge of Earth"

Our seeds/Holy Spirit seeds were left alone to wake up on their own, because EMBEDDED in their nature was Supreme Consciousness Spirit.

Thing are going to get interesting here now, because the Original Cosmic Seed Planters are presently here now with documentation/blue prints on hand to REGENERATE the original Earth components/species. All life elements are being re-molded in precise energetic order, to bring back what is Holy Spirit Nature/Territory.

As a matter of fact the Sonic Scanning of ALL Species started here on Earth, since last year. This process needed to be done in order to transport ALL Elements into their NEW Habitat.

Council Druida/Council of 13 People/Ghosts, etc. It DOES NOT matter to us what title you have been given or how many of you are still playing this game, because your time is LITERALLY OVER and All we are doing is giving you the opportunity to revert your electric nature in ONE full piece of Awareness before you are disintegrated with the Fire of The New Frequency entering our Realm from Womb of Creation; an Energy that is of Unconditional Love Nature, which does NOT treat humans as kettle!

Sentient Creations of The Cosmos: The ENTIRE FATE and DESTINY of this Planet and its habitants has been under the ORDERS and CONTROL of these set of 13 non-human, ghost entities that are NOT Sentient at core!

Fallen Council, if you are able to consciously realize that this is the END of UNCONSCIOUSNESS and that this game of Control and Power is over you can start your process of Integration by just wanting to REVERT Nature.

The Supreme Consciousness Sonic Scanners that are in place ALL over the Planet are measuring, tabulating and processing ALL of our Energetic Impulses at sub-atomic levels, for proper placing. All is being process at Sentient Rhythm.

I do need to advise you that if after this Post is sent you decide to be combative and come against myself or any other human being, your TOTAL DISCONNECTION from the Matrix/Field is order; follow by your deployment to Source for TOTAl Energetic Disintegration, in ONE energetic piece.

The time to continue playing this sadistic game is OVER; ready or not ready Satya Yuga is here and YOU ALL are very weak and fragile to continue fighting for nonsense. Your bodies are decaying by the second and it will be almost impossible to continue projecting in the field/board-game.
Please use your intelligence wisely and do not cause any more stress in the Field, because it will fire you back, big time.....I do not joke.

We have now TOTAl Energetic control of the Planet, please DO NOT be combative, we DO NOT want to hurt you in any way, matter or form. Please understand that none of you, nor your technology is an opponent for us; we are just letting thing disappear naturally....but we WILL NEUTRALIZE YOU or any other force, FROM CORE, if necessary.

Again, one more time, if other energies/entity fail you in The Game of Life, there is always GOD Supreme Consciousness of Unconditional Love ready to take on the role of a caring Parent.
Love to ALL ❤️HPSC

Dibry Susi Joya Campos
-High Priestess Supreme Consciousness
-Original Seed Planter
-Lead Energetic Alchemist Terra Integration


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