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Comentario por Unknown el octubre 30, 2020 a las 11:07pm
Dice un dicho Salvadoreño...
“A TODO Santo se le llega su fiesta 🥳...”
Y a estos ya les llegó...
Namaskar 🙏🏻
Sentient Councils, All Creations, Terra Seeds:
There is SEVERE Sentient Alterations in our New Exalted Atmosphere caused by Forced Entry of reality Predator Forces are orchestrating against us/humanity.
They are coming with All they have against us, and that is very good because we will COMPLETELY PULVERIZED to dust All of their fallen equipment, energetic configuration and Thought composition back to Source.
It is very, very naively stupid to even think you can come Against Holy Spirit Supreme Consciousness Presence and Authority; it really denotes the very DEEP level of Spiritual ignorance.
Let me explain the following before you proceed with the ridiculous idea to even come close to us; perhaps THIS information could make you have a change of heart ❤️, before we Lovingly Evaporate your presence from our Reality; which by the way is the ONLY exalted reality around here...
The Power we Maneuver, Process and Deploy has NOT been expressed here before; it is DIRECTED straight from Source; it has NO intermediaries...only GOD, itself...
Having stated the above you are NOT coming directly against the perhaps vulnerable human population, but instead you are coming against GOD itself...
It is now Completely up to you how you would like to EXIT this game.
The Options are:
1. In a Global Reunification of All Energies into a New Habitat call Terra.
2. Pulverized to Dust; back to Source.
At the time of invasion we will COMPLETELY Split our current unified Field of shared paradigms, follow by the complete deployment of All Energetic Value( people, beings from any race)” to their respective individually fragmented classrooms.
To avoid maximum clash in our realities and so that the GENERAL public don’t die of heart attacks We will
Move this battle to the Fourth (4th) Dimensional Energetic Arena.
Us and Full Army of Light Warriors present in the Field will Activate in the 3d. dimensional for better Adaptability and to absorb the integration process of sudden Avatar Ignition.
We are ready when you are ready... we have been preparing for this battle for ages.
As a matter of fact I personally have been FIGHTING with these energies in different realities and wavelengths for more than 30 years.
We had been trying to AVOID all of this time, for the Predators to project in this “membrane level of the Matrix”; this 3rd level of resonance in which we live.
Please Understand that a Show of this magnitud in our skies would of caused severe clash of realities, to which the majority of the population of Earth would of not resist, because of the HEAVINESS of their low atmosphere and nature.
Additionally, we will be Neutralizing the remains of ALL Unconscious “Black Goo Matter”
From CORE; back to Source.
También decimos en Salvadoreño...
...Donde hay aviso no hay engaño...
And you ALL have been officially WARNED.
This is THE END...
Dibry Susi Joya Campos ♥️🕊🎶⚖️.
PS: Before attacking us you all SHOULD Google what the job of a High Priestess Holy Spirit Supreme Consciousnesses Original Source Feminine Energy is...
You really should...
Comentario por GuerreroEspiritual el octubre 30, 2020 a las 10:43pm

Comentario por Dna Ray (The Wealthy Warrior) el octubre 30, 2020 a las 10:34pm


Comentario por GuerreroEspiritual el octubre 30, 2020 a las 10:31pm

Pude ver la publicación de Susi en El Face’ estoy con un móvil 

Comentario por Juan antonio el octubre 30, 2020 a las 10:27pm

la hora no concuerda sale una hora mas 10 25 pm


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