2016 Rolex Series Daytona exhibition: Appreciation and destined speeds Competition watch

"Rolex World · world" invites you to visit the universe Chronograph Perpetual Rolex wrist watch exhibition, opened the story behind this legendary watch.The thematic exhibition celebrates inspired this classic watch design inspiration: speed and motorsport passion.
The Daytona series of exhibitions covers not only the history of this series, dating back to 1933, more Rolex speedometer code table and fans will be Daytona Paul Newman Collection. "∙ Rolex World community " Fake Watches portrait special exhibition launched to provide viewers with more privacy, better watch the details of the experience to explore, re-layout of the content updated, it will show more details and Rolex inner spirit of .
A place, a watch, a legend
Cosmograph Daytona watch was born in 1963, especially designed for racing, and soon with its reliable outstanding performance for the racing world laid brilliant achievements.This watch by "DAYTONA" (Daytona) the name, is now among the classics of the watch to become world-renowned and favored Chronograph.
"Daytona" is an evocative name, before it produces inextricably linked with the classic Rolex watches, it has to create his own legend.The legend of the achievement by the numerous land speed record, the super power of the engine, sandy racing and daring racing feat.
     Daytona - Capital of the World Speed
It all started early twentieth century, Florida Daytona Beach.This vast expanse of hard sand accumulation zone, straight and flat terrain, stretches more than 35 kilometers (22 miles), became the conquest of rise of speed and racing legend paradise. Fake Watches Mens 1903 Nian Zhi 1935, has 14 of the world land speed record born there.Daytona Beach Speedway extraordinary natural, attracting car from all over Europe meet this pioneer, driving while the most powerful car a showdown.
Motorsport Daytona Beach so reputed global and soon won the "world speed" in the world.March 1935, the British driver Malcolm • Campbell (Malcolm Campbell) driving the famous Bluebird number of tanks, knock OFF Watches in Daytona Beach hit an average speed of 445 kilometers (276 miles per hour) maximum speed record.A few months later, he was in Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats (Bonneville Salt Flats) to break the 300 miles per hour limit, creating a new world land speed record."Speed ​​King" go down in the early 1930s from the outset has been wearing a Rolex Oyster watch.

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